Nursing Home Abuse In Central Louisiana

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be very difficult and emotional. When we do make that decision, we expect the very best care for our loved ones. When we discover that we left our elderly or infirm loved one at the mercy of an untrained or uncaring staff, it can be devastating.

Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect Comes In Many Forms

Some injuries are very apparent, such as a broken hip from a fall or improper care taken when transporting a resident from a bed to a wheelchair or gurney. However, injuries from abuse and neglect are not always physical. They can take the form of verbal intimidation or forced isolation, and they are equally unacceptable.

Physical abuse or neglect can be subtle or extreme. Cases can include:
  • Assault and battery, sexual assault
  • Forced restraint either by mechanical or chemical means like drugs
  • Bedsores and tumors from neglect
  • Dehydration and malnutrition from a poor menu

Emotional Abuse Is Just As Harmful

Emotional abuse may include:
  • Insults
  • Humiliation
  • Threats
  • Attempts to frighten
  • Isolation or disregard

If a loved one in a central Louisiana nursing home has told you about physical or emotional abuse or you suspect neglect, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. Many nursing homes in Louisiana are qualified under the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act.* This means that the procedures followed in a medical malpractice case must also be followed in a nursing home case. (Please see our section on medical malpractice.) Therefore, your attorney must be experienced in medical malpractice cases as well as nursing home cases.

Call Siegfried Law Firm for help. I have been handling nursing home and medical malpractice personal injury cases for nearly 25 years and have the experience to guide you through this most difficult time. Call my office at 620-429-0476 or contact me by email to arrange a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced Alexandria nursing home abuse attorney. From offices in Alexandria, I represent clients in parishes throughout central Louisiana.

I handle all nursing home abuse cases on a contingency fee basis. You will pay NO attorneys' fees unless I help you recover monetary damages. I know that this is an emotional issue for your family. Throughout your case, I will be available and responsive to your calls and questions. As a solo attorney, I offer the advantage of being able to work directly with my clients.
If you have evidence of abuse or suspect neglect of your loved one, report your concerns to the nursing home management and make sure they are addressed properly. If the abuse continues or results in injury, call an attorney who has experience handling nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

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