Causes Of Truck Accidents Across Central Louisiana

Louisiana highways serve as a crossroads for a variety of industries moving freight throughout the southern United States. On any given day, thousands of trucks carrying timber, refined oil and natural gas, produce and building materials use our highways to transport and deliver products.

Truckers holding commercial driver's licenses (CDL) and their employers in the commercial trucking industry are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Truck companies are required to properly screen, train and supervise their CDL drivers and follow strict regulations regarding ongoing training, truck and trailer maintenance, load restrictions and driver responsibilities. Unfortunately, the commercial trucking industry is notorious for cutting corners and expecting truck drivers to push themselves too far and too fast.

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Common causes of tractor-trailer and commercial truck accidents include:

  • Insufficient maintenance: Truck engines and electrical, transmission, steering and braking systems are supposed to undergo thorough inspections, maintenance and repairs after a specified number of hours on the road. Failure to meet the scheduled maintenance requirements can result in sudden breakdowns, failure of running and brake lights and trailer uncoupling.
  • Driver fatigue: CDL drivers are supposed to limit the number of hours they drive so they get sufficient rest, sleep and meal breaks. Overworked and overstressed truckers can develop sleep apnea and fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Unsafe loads: Large 18-wheel trucks have load limits for a reason. An overloaded or improperly balanced trailer can result in unexpected swerving and require additional braking distance the truck driver might not be prepared for. Trailers loaded above their safe capacity often result in jackknife accidents when the driver is expected to stop quickly or turn sharply.
  • Trailer underride: Tractor-trailers are required to have their running lights on at all times while on the road. This includes the full range of lights along the sides and back of the trailer. Trailing cars often run under the trailer back when the truck's brake lights or running lights are not working properly in inclement weather and the truck must come to a sudden stop.
  • Sideswipes: Sitting high up in a cab, truck drivers often lose visibility to the immediate left or right sides of their trailer. Sudden lane changes put smaller vehicles in danger of being sideswiped.
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