Determining Fault In Your Car Accident

Every part of a car accident injury claim requires proof — proof of what happened, proof of your injuries and proof of who was at fault. While liability and negligence may be obvious to you, the insurance company you are working with needs more than just your word.

At Tellarico Law Firm, in Alexandria, I represent injury victims through every stage of the car accident claim process. This includes investigation of negligence, gathering police reports, accident reconstruction and conveying evidence of fault to the insurance company that would be held liable for claim payment.

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Comparative Fault In Louisiana

Not every accident is easily blamed on a single instance of negligence. Sometimes there are multiple issues that when taken together caused a car accident on Louisiana roads and highways.

Louisiana is a comparative fault state, which means an injured party may be able to recover damages even if he or she is partially to blame for the accident. The amount of recoverable damages however, is reduced according to each party's degree of fault.

Consider a hypothetical car wreck in which two vehicles are involved in an accident that caused $10,000 of damage to the individual in vehicle A. Upon investigation, it was determined that the driver of vehicle B was 80 percent to blame for the accident and the driver of vehicle A was 20 percent to blame. Under comparative fault guidelines, the injury victim in vehicle A may be able to recover only 80 percent of the $10,000: $8,000.

It is imperative that your claim for injury compensation provide strong justification for who is at fault and the amount of compensation you could recover for your injuries. I have helped clients throughout the parishes of central Louisiana for nearly 25 years. I can gather the evidence necessary to justify your claim and help you collect the most favorable compensation package possible.

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